Times change. People don’t.

My mother said, “Times change but people don’t.” And I think maybe she was right.

Since the beginning of time, people have wanted to be safe in a home where they are  loved, have plenty to eat, to drink and laugh. We don’t want to know fear or cold or hatred or know starvation and thirst. Or to cry. Thus it seems, mankind will go to any perverse lengths to see that those who are loved are safe, have food, drink, and joy, ancient-romeregardless of the cost to others. Mankind had taken food from another tables, land from another country, bask in the knowledge that they think they are invincible. And they laugh as the vanquished cries.

Then, as history shows, the celtstables can turn and the vanquished become victors and it is their turn to laugh, eat, drink, and know the admiration of those who love them,. Alexander the Great did this and eventually lost. Rome did this and lost. Tribes across the continents did this and lost. Today, in the Middle East, it is happening again, and they will lose…eventually. The times change, but people don’t.

But can mankind ever change, ever learn.. And if so, how?

site-img85for the family TL coverThis is the value of stories?

Since the first campfire, stories have been told. And they are still being told on television, movies, and in books. They tell of times in history when people suffered at the hands of others. They share how the vanquished turned into victors. They share the promise that we can survive.  Or we innocently learn from the mistakes the characters make in their stories.  It is said that we love histories because no matter what happened then, we are still safe now. And we learn the price of that history.

Contemporary stories share struggles that we may have to deal with something like the loss of a loved one. A fire. A disfigurment. And we struggle with jeanne_lee_home_sectionthese characters as they struggle to be safe, be loved, survive, and laugh in the face of fear. And in doing so, we learn how to survive, cope, and continue to have faith that there will be another day.


So, through stories, maybe people may change, regardless of the times they may live in.






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