Experience Ancient Rome through the eyes of author J.F. Ridgley.
Step back in time and feel the power of Ancient Rome.
A story in the time of the Greatest Empire ever known to man,
Jump back into the age of the 'Caesars' and relive history as never before.


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About R Pride Publishing

“Times Change. People Don’t."

Welcome to our world of publishing where, as my mother once said, “Times change but people don’t.” Both authors here at RPP, JF Ridgley and Jeanne Lee, bring my mother’s wisdom to light by their stories. JF Ridgley tells her historical stories in the ancient world of Rome and Jeanne Lee sets hers in today’s world or the contemporary world. Like Ridgley’s past and Lee’s present, people still laugh and love as well as cry and hate.

Both authors confront life as it is and was in their fiction novels and short stories that deal with romance and warfare, survival and peace, families and separation. JF Ridgley captures this historical world, taking her readers into the Roman and Celtic worlds that astounded, impressed, and threatened the rest of ancient civilizations.
Like JF, Jeanne Lee enjoys challenges of family, life’s struggles as put food and family, as well as death and birth. As in the past, these life events are captured in her story set on an 18-Wheeler or in a house like ours and share the same responsibilities that plagues our everyday life. Lee enjoys revealing life’s social issues as human trafficking, widows and widowers, marriage, conflicts in family, children, and the list goes on.

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J F Ridgley

Proverb “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was coming to an end, she changed into a butterfly.” A dangerous butterfly…
Ravaged by Rome, Morrigan turns her fear into revenge and now it is Rome who should fear her.

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Jeanne Lee

Carrie Marshall must decide whether to freeze to death in her dead car or climb into an 18Wheeler with a stranger. What she decides will change her life forever. But then, after the death of her husband and a forced retirement, Carrie has learned that there are no guarantees in life.

Both writers appreciate their readers as they strive to create a rich story as professionally entertaining as any other author who also shares this challenge of this profession. Please let them know your thoughts by dropping them a note of appreciation, or better yet, leave a review wherever you have found their work. It means so much.

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