Books by Jeanne Lee

Hello dear friend, welcome to my world of contemporary romance and life. I love delving into today’s world. I began my venture into writing with 18-Wheeler where my heroine- Carrie faces a near death experience after confronting her new widowhood. We’ve all started out doing something so innocent only to have it turn on us unexpectantly. We also appreciate the help of a stranger as John who becomes a friend and maybe even more. It changes us.

While writing 18Wheeler, I quickly discovered that everything in our houses was delivered by a truck. Each semi-trailer was driven by a person, man or woman, who are not so unlike us, while they love the open road, they know the joys of returning to the warm and love of a family. Furthermore, what they see ‘out there’ is far more than we dare believe. It’s not a simple thing to simply deliver goods. This is a complex world most of us never see. Its lingo is fun as with ‘gator’ ‘dead heading’  ‘owner-operator” for starters.  What’s more if you’ve seen these ‘tiny homes’ on the internet. That is a mansion compared to living in on a semi-trailer. This opened Carrie’s eyes very quickly…and with a smile.

I enjoy and plan to write more than stories about trucking. I have one I plan to share …‘Beauty and the Beast’ of today. This not a fairytale you would expect. You will have to decide who’s the beauty and who’s the beast.  It’s a story that will wrench your heart but make you smile. Stay tuned. will be coming out 2020.