Books by JF Ridgley

Don’t ask me how I ended up in writing in intricate worlds of ancient Rome and ancient Celts, but once there, I was stuck. However, it is true that’ times change but people don’t’.  No matter what men and women feel today, it was felt the same in history. The ancients treasured family and friends, dealt with conflicts and loyalty, fought evil and hate, yet remained true to their beliefs. I love about writing this time because it lets me share its beauty and horror so physically different than today. It’s almost science fiction but isn’t.

Vows of Revenge, my first historical fiction, shares the early days of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the Amalfi Coast when this world was ruled by patricians who dealt with defiant plebeians as Lucianus. When women as Aelia had their own ‘me too’ issues in their marriages, with children, husbands, and lovers.  It was cruel and devious, yet beautiful and full of love.

My Red Fury series starts with Revolt where the Iceni queen Boudica, Boudicca, or however this heroic woman’s name may be spelled, this Iceni leader’s attempts to stop Rome from claiming their lands and lives while the Roman governor, Suetonius Paulinus, confronts his fear of losing to a woman. While this story is historical fiction, it is historically correct as if it could have happened  then.

Revolt also  starts the events of Julius and Calgacus who are plunged into a story of a father’s love. But which father? And the son, Gnaeus or Colin, who must choose whom love. I ask you, what length would you go to find your child if taken from you or keep him safe?   Book two of my Red Fury series continues this story in Rebellion that comes out 2019, where reality struggles to live, return, or lose all in the fight.

Pompeii wasn’t the only place devasted when Vesuvius blew its top. Threatened Loyalties, another of my historical fiction/romance is set in ‘the other’ destroyed city of Herculaneum. While Pompeii was buried in ash, Herculaneum was buried in volcanic vomit. This rich patrician resort town filled with vacationers off on holiday,  is ruled by deadly politics and it must be stopped. Can Alexius save it and Messalina too?

Stay tuned for, Pompeii’s Plague, also destroyed by Vesuvius. Where, to succeed, women had to break through a concrete ceiling. It isn’t easy now and it wasn’t then.  So, will Faustina succeed in saving her father’s estate and dare fall in love in this historical fiction/romance?

All my fiction novels come with short stories that could not make it into the pages of its novel. Each historical story brings out more of its novel’s setting for the reader to experience and enjoy. I hope all enjoy entering this extravagant world of the first century Rome and its Celts and, too, see how we aren’t so different today.